Reverend D chapter 00

August 28, 2006

Hi thereHey its our first releases Reverend D chapter 00 wow this is a cool chapter and a awsome way to start the manga off ^_^.

Reverend D – The evil Solomon’s Child are turning people into Red Dust and it is up to our hero’s Shik and Ryoji Kamishro Damien there talking pig and the gang to stop them. It is up to them to stop the 72 devils of the Solomons will they be able to defeat the devils or will they be defeated first? Read and find out

Now time to thank the staff that helped us out with chapter 00 from MMS/ Okiro
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Translateing : yoropiko (Okiro) ,M2Dane (MMS)
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Here’s the chapter

Chapter 00 [MMS]-[Okiro!] enjoy and look forward to chapter one comeing soon ^_^



Welcome to Okiro

August 28, 2006

Hi and Welcome to Okiro Manga scanlations we here at Okiro have a lot of good projects planed for you guys from mangaka’s that you know like Toru Fujisawa (Best known for GTO) to new mangaka’s and some very cool projects .

So look forward to our first releases coming very soon ^_^